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Blog Posts

  • Why an Inflatable Kayak Versus a Rigid Kayak?

    Why Choose an Inflatable Kayak versus a Rigid Kayak?

    Find out why more people are choosing an inflatable kayak as opposed to a rigid kayak than ever before. In this article we hope to answer the question; why an Inflatable Kayak?

  • Teaching Your Children to Paddleboard

    A popular water sport,Guest Posting mainly among teens and young adults, paddle boarding is also a child friendly activity that is fairly easy for kids to pick up and excel at.
  • Why is Paddleboarding in America the Hottest New Watersport?

    Whatever you want to call it, SUP, stand up paddle surfing or stand up paddle surfing, it is the hottest emerging water sport that has taken America by storm and for good reasons.