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Why is Paddleboarding in America the Hottest New Watersport?

Whatever you want to call it, SUP, stand up paddle surfing or stand up paddle surfing, it is the hottest emerging water sport that has taken America by storm and for good reasons.  

Simply put,Guest Posting paddle boarding is an activity designed for all ages, and what makes it all the more appealing is the minimal amount of equipment needed to walk on the water. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Pierce Brosnan and Matthew McConaughey have already coveted this sport like no other, which has it rapidly gaining momentum and expected to reach its peak in the next few years. Paddleboarding in America is a versatile activity, meaning that is can be practiced in any water based environment, whether it is oceans, lakes or rivers. Paddleboarding in America is a great cross training activity and is great for those that do not live within close proximity of an ocean, but do have rivers and lakes with small waves in abundance. There are a number of spots to pursue paddleboarding in America from glassy placid lake waters to adrenaline waves. Mission Bay in San Diego is spread across 4200 acres of cobalt blue water, making it an ideal spot for beginners to learn this yoga like sport. The aquatic centre in Mission Bay hosts over 15,000 participants each year and is the world’s largest instructional waterfront facility. 
California’s Half Moon Bay is perfect for mortal paddle boarders as the waves are glassy and the North Shore brings in a steady flow of waves. One of the hottest destinations for SUP fans, Malibu is now a premier paddle boarding playground for its beachfront location and sandy warm beaches. There are a number of SUP lessons and lodging options available in and around Malibu, making it a convenient venue for locals and tourists alike. 
Next best spots to enjoy paddleboarding in America are Lake Michigan and Lake Powell. Located between the border of Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is set on the Colorado River and is an excellent location for those that crave unparalleled water based activities, spectacular geological vistas and a plethora of human history. One of the great 5 lakes in the U.S, Lake Michigan offers excellent conditions for paddleboarding for all ages and skill levels and is complimented by a breathtaking landscape. 
Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz California provides great breaks for paddleboarding in America, and is an ideal venue for beginners and experts alike. This location is also a great opportunity to spy on exotic wildlife such as a number of species of birds, harbor seals and sea otters. Lake Tahoe is renowned for its paddle boarding excursions and is home to calm and crystal clear waters. It is considered to be the largest SUP destination in America, and is flourished with tours, lessons and all the essentials for an exciting paddle boarding experience. 
Paddleboarding can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone with basic abilities, and is the ultimate way to get into the water and explore the many waterways.  

Author: Hassan Ingram

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